Site Progress

Site Progress


1. The front end dealer profile is finished for now. Have the basics up and working – there is a profile page, and also a list where the dealer can manage his/her ads. This includes functions for each ad -> view, edit and delete. Also the dealer can create a new ad. I have a test dealer created so interested parties can login and see how this all works and looks.


1. Finished the wp-admin update, and delete advertisement functions. Also added a “view ad’ function. Also added a “submenu” on subpages so can easily return to the dealer “control list” of their ads….
2. Added front end login and tested and got that working. Also added front end register form, tested and got that working…


1. Made several changes towards two goals. First – to improve the look of the home page. Also to prepare for the “profiles” for logged in users (dealers and members).
2. Moved this history off home page to here.
3. Added some content to home page
4. Started preparing for user profiles for logged in users. (Dealers and Members) Created new pages and also the dealer “add new advertisement” will now only be accessible if you are logged in as a Dealer.
5. Added user role of “Dealer” so can have pages tell the difference between Dealer vs. Member and load different content and functionality as appropriate.
6. Made the top right menu “conditional”. If logged in certain items will be shown and if not logged in other items will be shown.


– working on two sections concurrently – the whole dealer ‘manage ads’ (update and delete ad) that will be done within their profile on the front end. The same functionality is being built for the backend wp-admin so needs to be modular and work on both the front end and the backend.

Update 5/7/2017

1. Got the core functionality built for the wp-admin ‘update dealer ad’. Not complete – but key parts are done. This is being built as a module so it can be used as is on the front end for a dealer to edit an advertisement in his profile. That part is complete and working. Also built it in a way so that a person filling out the update form, they can leave any input items blank that they want (including image) and the app will only update the items that they inputted something on the form. The remaining work on this is just to fill out the form with all the different items that could potentially be changed.

Update 5/6/2017

1. Got sidebar populated with car dealer logo images, was a challenge to find images that looked decent and could be shrunk and still look good.

Update 5/5/2017

1. Some improvements: a) styling on search form so car company/model is highlighted so it stands out when using the form, this was needed as otherwise it would be very difficult to notice it or realize it was relevant. b) add a column to the advertisement management page to show the creation date to help further clearly tell one ad from another…
2. Added some javascript form validation to the dealer form. Made it so the car “package” is required along with the “model year”. Most of the items on this form will need to be this way for it to be a valid advertisement. Except for “options” – dealers will be able to leave that blank if they want. Got the validation on two items so that is a good start.
3. Started work on the sidebar content. Working on putting logos of car companies. Working on getting something that looks decent….

Update 5/4/2017

1. Created advertisement management tools in the wp-admin backend area. This includes changing the image and also deleting the Ad. This will be used/converted for the frontend dealer profile ad management section.

Update 5/3/2017

0. *** Site is currently under construction. *** This is a demo site where car dealers can add advertisements for cars and everyone else can search for cars on the site.
1. Using the top right menu, you can “search for cars” using the “search” link and using the “dealers” link you can add a new advertisement for a car.
2. Both of these forms are not in their final form. Most importantly any dealer will login in to their “profile” and then add their advertisements from within their profile. They will also have tools to edit, delete and update their ads within their profile. In addition they will be able to view “stats” on their ads within their profile.
3. None of the profile stuff is built yet, so this just shows the form and that it can add an advertisement to the system.

Here is a list of items to be added and work still to be done:
1. Add some javascript form validation to the dealer form to make a number of items “required”.
2. Expand the list of available car companies, models and packages, right now we only list Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford and only a few models and packages for each, so for demo purposes we will be expanding these lists.
3. In addition to the dealer profile system to be built, I will also be building a “member profile” system as well. This will be optional as opposed to the dealers MUST have a profile to use the system. Members on the other hand can search for cars without being logged in or having a profile. We will have a system where they can have their search parameters run every day and then notify them of matches if they are found. To activate this system, they will need to signup and do that from within their profile.
4. I will be building some tool for members to “contact the dealer” or something along those lines. Not sure if they can only do that when logged in to their profile or if they can do that without being logged in or having a profile. Since this is a demo site, to some extent it doesn’t matter but will be deciding on that soon.
5. Remove the default stuff from sidebar and add some pics for now to improve the look.
6. Decide on content for this home page – this list is fine while it is being worked on but once the site is much farther along, will be wanting some relevant content on here.

Update 4/28/2017

Building this demo site where car dealers can add an advertisement for a car with a picture. And members/”non-dealers” can search for cars by filling out a form.

Both parties will be able to login to a “profile” and dealers will be able to manage their advertisements and also view stats on them.

This site is currently being produced as of 4/28/2017. Database and tables are created along with the dealer form to “add a car advertisement”. Also the the member search form is done. Both forms involve a little jqery, javascript and ajax.

Software is being built in a “modular” way where it makes sense.

Here are some more details on how this system will work:

1. Cars are stored with company, model and ‘package’ stored as discreet elements. For example, right now they can search for a “Ford Fusion” or they can restrict the search further by searching for “Ford Fusion Hybrid SE”….
2. there are several items they can filter on or not, for example they can get only cars with a model year of 2017, or they can get cars from all model years. Search elements like this include model year, color, seat covering, and the state the car is located in.
3. when the dealer creates the new ad, he selects expired date of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. Member searches only find cars where the ad has not expired yet. This can be setup hundreds of different ways but this is how I set it up for this demo site.
4. Payment Type: upon creation the dealer enters a “monthly lease payment” and then also a “one time purchase amount”. The member can choose to search for either. For example the member can say he only wants to see cars with lease payment under $350 and only those cars will be returned in the search.

Update 4/25/2017

The site realcarads (car search) is being rebuilt as a demo site. The original site was built 2/3 years ago and so the new version will be improved in many ways. Most significantly it will be built with “modular” programs/functions that can be reused on other projects.

Also, since this is being setup as a demo site, I will be providing ‘dealer’ and ‘member’ login credentials so that interested parties can login as either and see how everything works.